Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding


Choose an experienced company and do not worry about transporting your goods.

We respect our customers’ time and money. It is thanks to them and their trust that we can fulfil our mission, which is to provide forwarding and transport services within the European Union always at the highest level.

International forwarding with DASS TRANSPORT

There is no room for mistakes in international forwarding. It is up to the forwarding agent to ensure that the entrusted cargo is transported safely, the required documentation is properly issued and the shipment itself goes through all customs procedures without difficulty. We make every effort to make our freight forwarding stand out from the competition with reliability and quality of the services offered. We take care of every detail of the task in hand, thus ensuring reliability and comprehensive service. Immediately after we receive an order and sign a contract with a customer, we move on to detailed planning and organisation of all transport stages. As an international forwarding company, we not only set out the route to be taken by the goods, but we also anticipate the challenges and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the transport is carried out smoothly, on time and without any complications. ​

Customs service

Load supervision

Optimal route selection

Reliable verification of subcontractors


Our employees are experienced, properly qualified, and they continuously expand their expertise. This allows us to provide our customers with professional service at every stage of the transport process.


When providing professional transport services, we are well aware of the importance of fixed deadlines in the industry. We guarantee fast and safe carriage of goods.