About company

About company

About company

We remain at your disposal both as a permanent business partner and as a temporary carrier.

Why should you choose us? International transport and forwarding

We provide our customers with professional counselling in the field of freight forwarding and transport logistics. We provide international and domestic transport services.
Our transport company has been operating on the market for many years and is continuously growing. We strive to meet even the highest requirements of our customers. We stand out not only because of our extensive experience but also because of our strong, well-established market position, which ensures the safety of our customers.
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Advantages of cooperating with us

We have innovative and comfortable vehicles, which are driven by kind and professional drivers, and we provide attractive prices. We offer top-notch services at attractive prices. We attach great importance to the safety of your goods. We make every effort to ensure that the goods entrusted to us arrive at their final destination swiftly and without damage.

Care for the environment

Our services are provided with the environment in mind. One of our priorities when planning transport is to achieve the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

Service from A to Z

Customer satisfaction is our top priority; therefore, we provide comprehensive services in the field of planning and execution of transports.

We offer professional transport and forwarding services

Comprehensive service of your transport

We rely on modern heavy goods vehicles. We carry out transport of goods with vehicles that meet all standards. Thanks to this, we are able to carry out international transport within the European Union without any difficulties. Every time we make sure that our vehicles are in perfect technical condition, providing our customers with safe transport of goods.

Cooperation with us is a guarantee of success!